Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wanggaard Takes A Whiff On Pay Equity

Last night on WRJN, John Lehman puts the screws to Van Wanggaard on his vote to repeal the Equal Pay Act and listening to Wanggaard tap dance and change the subject was more than a little amusing.

It also demonstrated what a rudimentary and blunt "thinker" Van really is.

There is no question that Scott Walker handed Democrats another major issue to run on when he quietly signed the repeal on April 5th. Trying to slip the repeal in with dozens of other bills actually drew more attention to his actions and left recalled senators having to explain their vote to women across the state.

Van tried the "hand-out to trial lawyers" line that his handlers forced him to remember - no good - they didn't teach him to say with any kind of conviction so Wanggaard went to Plan B - change the subject.

Van launched into his women friendly bill on strengthening restraining order penalties for victims of domestic violence. Great, everyone knows Teri Jendusa-Nikolai has been lobbying for this for years. Van claimed his bill as proof he is an advocate for women - never mind that pay equity business.

Nice try - no fly.

Claiming support of women who are victims of violence is a strange stance for Wanggaard to take considering he voted (Act 32) to cut the Department of Justice budget for victims of sexual assault by 43%. FORTY THREE PERCENT!

After public outcry, Scott Walker lowered the cut to 28%, but Van was totally okay with cutting services to victims by almost half.

A few other bills that Van voted on also show a pattern women should be asking Van about:
~Cutting funding to Planned Parenthood for birth control services.
~Cutting funding to Planned Parenthood for breast and cervical cancer screenings.
~Cutting funding to Planned Parenthood for colposcopy - advanced cancer screenings.
~Cutting funding to Planned Parenthood for HIV screenings.

See, Wanggaard understands prisons and police. Break the restraining order and you get a GPS (if you didn't happen to kill your victim when you got caught), Offer services to raped and/or beaten women - your budget gets cut in half.

Wanggaard doesn't understand why women are angry about being short changed in caring for themselves when they have been victimized and want to advocate for their own rights. Van's blunt mind can only grasp an ankle bracelet and women are just supposed to get over it.