Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Does Wanggaard Keep Saying HE Wrote The Mining Bill?

So the mining bill comes forward and the funny thing is it has no listed sponsors - in other words - no author. If you recall that kind of became a big deal when not one single legislator claimed to have written it.

After pressure mounted, Robin Vos and the Fitzgeralds laid some claim to the bill when everyone knew Gogebic Taconite (the mining company) wrote the bill. Naturally when it was clear they would not get everything they wanted - exactly how they had written it - Gogebic bailed.

Even Scott Fitzgerald said the other day on video the mining bill was written by the company.

So why does Van Wanggaard keep saying HE wrote the bill?

He said it in a listening session earlier this year and he said it again in one of his debates the other day with John Lehman: "I wrote the mining bill."

So what's the deal - did they forget to give Wanggaard the memo? Anyone who has spent four minutes with Wanny knows he doesn't know dick about mining and even in his wildest dreams could not have authored such a complicated bill.

AB 426 was introduced by the Jobs, the Economy and Small Business Committee which Wanggaard is not even a member. When the Journal Sentinel started asking questions about it Wanggaard's name wasn't ever mentioned.

It makes one wonder if this isn't another one of Van's less than truthful stories (I was never invited!) and no one has actually followed up. Because if Van did write that bill, the Siren has a few questions she would like to ask him about it.