Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wirch's Opponent Has A Deadbeat Past

Pam Stevens (right), Paul Ryan and BFF Raydene Edenhofer
An opponent against Bob Wirch has emerged this week who plans to run against him in November...

On paper, Pam Stevens looks like a brilliant choice: an African American Republican and Kenosha Unified School Board member.

It took about four minutes to discover a major problem in Ms. Stevens past that she's going to have to explain if she is serious about competing against Wirch.

Turns out that Stevens is a deadbeat with a history of unpaid taxes, bills and small claim cases that should make her too embarrassed to run as dog catcher let alone state senate.

Let's review:

Pam Stevens is not an unusual name so we looked into Ms. Stevens past with what we know about her for sure - she has been a Kenosha School Board member.

According to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Public Access website - in 2007 Stevens was named in a lawsuit by Kenosha Unified employee Edie Holcolm. At the time, she lived on 82nd Street - so with an verifiable address we then able to backtrack to other cases against Stevens based on her address.

In 2005 Stevens divorced her husband Brian. At the time she was living at 1001 82nd Street, #110 in Kenosha. Steven's financial problems predate her divorce from Brian when they were both taken to court over $575.00 they owed to Sports Physical Therapy in 2002.

Brian drops off the radar after the divorce but Pam moves on to a pattern of lawsuits that are anything but coincidental.

In 2007, while still living over on 82nd Street, Pam was taken to small claims court by Pick ' Save for $624.00. The record shows as of this writing - she has not satisfied the judgement against her.

In April of 2007, Pam has her first run in with the Department of Revenue who filed a delinquent tax warrant against her for $8,324.00 in unpaid taxes - an amount that according to CCAP is still unpaid.

On the same day, another Department of Revenue delinquent tax warrant was filed against Stevens for $8,733.00 in unpaid taxes - showing as unpaid. Both these cases were filed at Pam's 82nd Street address, so there's not much of a chance it's a different Pam Stevens.

In 2008, Pam was taken to court by Wisconsin Electric for $1,635.00 in unpaid bills. We are happy to report that four months later Pam paid the judgement against her. Girlfriend needed some lights.

Sadly, a month after Pam paid of the unpaid bill from Wisconsin Electric, Advance America filed a small claims case against her for an unpaid cash advance for $877,00. Advance America named the Kenosha Unified School District as the garnishee, but the case is still active and indicates the amount is still owed by Stevens.

Pamela shows up later in 2008 in court records at an address at 8111 Sheridan Road in Kenosha with another delinquent tax warrant this time for $4,261.00 in unpaid state taxes.

Maybe there is another Pam Stevens in Kenosha with a different case filed by the Department of Revenue. If it's the same Pam Stevens, it looks like she owes $21,318.00 in unpaid taxes.

That's a lot of money - better be sure.

Unfortunately, the 2009 -10 Kenosha County Directory of Public Officials lists Pam Stevens home address as 8111 Sheridan Road in Kenosha on page 43. Doh!

Luckily, Pam did have a case that was not related to unpaid money in 2009 when she was cited for operating a car with a suspended license which is perhaps the least concerning charge filed against Stevens for the better part of a decade.

Seriously, we don't really need to go into Stevens crazy Facebook posts about White House visitors being forced to register unborn babies - a laughable false favorite of the birther crowd. Or that she appears to be one of those African American history revisionists who claim it is really the Republican party who were the real civil rights champions - as if the Southern Strategy and 60 years of history never happened.

Stevens could have a completely credible excuse as to why CCAP shows a decade of being accused of not paying her bills and why the Department of Revenue says she owes $21,000 in delinquent taxes. Maybe she's one of those people who had their identity stolen or there is some major fuck-up on CCAP.

Pam Stevens has six months to explain - and will be forced to talk about little else - we imagine.

Here is one thing to know however when weighing all this crap. Wanna know how many times Bob Wirch has been taken to court for not paying his bills?