Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another (Well Rehearsed & Totally Fake) Rush To Judgement

Oh the drama! The flushed faces of the Wisconsin Right ran to their twitter accounts and heralded the "huge news" between heavy pants of anticipation. It was a motherfucking bombshell. BOOM! 

"Thousands of Racine Voters May Have Been Able to Cast a Recall Ballot by Mistake" cried the MacIver Institute (of Bullshit) who was quickly twit-echoed by succubus Charlie Sykes.

Jesus Christ on crutch - "Stop the recount!" bellowed Fred Dooooley at Real Debate. Something big is afoot in Racine and no one knows what the hell it is...except for Republicans.

That's all the probable cause you need to assume it's as fishy as low-tide in a drought.

The Wisconsin right-wing goes bananas in a spontaneous orgasm of disgust and delight at the news that voters in Racine may not have signed the poll books when they registered to vote on Election Day. Thousands of them potentially! OMG! OMFG! 

Then the number drops to 100. That's still a lot of fucking people man! Then the GAB says that signed or not it's an administrative error and regardless - no votes would be tossed. Well it's evidence of some kind of gross incompetence by the County Clerk, who is a Republican - oh shit, that angle doesn't work. 

Then the recount tabulators figure out how the book was signed and it looks like everyone signed after all except five people. 

Thousands, hundreds, five. Oh fuck, never mind.