Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching Racine GOP Poll Observer In A Big Lie

Yesterday, the Mount Pleasant Patch did a refreshing story about some of the "shenanigans" Republicans and their surrogates pulled in Racine polling places on the June 5th Election Day. It has been frustrating for many people to watch the JT and others rabidly devour polling place tall-tales spun by none other than Racine's Lou D'Abbraccio - a Republican operative with a long history of bad polling place behavior.

D'Abbraccio has eagerly cast aspersions upon not just Democrats but Racine poll workers and the press has eaten up as if he doesn't have his own agenda as a board member of the Racine County Republican Party.

The Patch correctly asked D'Abbraccio about the reports of voter intimidation to which he had this to say:
"D'Abbraccio said there was more than one group of poll observers, and it appears many of the complaints were about those who weren't from Racine County."
"True The Vote came in and did their own training, and I was kind of upset about it," D'Abbraccio said. "I sat in some of that training and those people were out of state. It was clear that they didn’t a have full understanding of the law."   
D'Abbraccio's statement made us remember that a week or so ago, we got a recording of the "True the Vote" election observer training from a person who was present at the training on June 2nd.

Honestly, the recording was fairly boring and the sound was not so good - but we remembered that D'Abbraccio was present at the training and spoke at length - not as a casual observer - but as an expert and their main contact in Racine on Election Day.

Oy. So we dug it out and listened to it again.

Sure enough, D'Abbraccio spoke about 1/3rd of the time along with the "True the Vote" representatives from California and Arizona and made clear HE would be scheduling them for poll observation shifts. D'Abbraccio also made clear he targets polling locations for observation (read: intimidation) because of the poll workers who work there and/or because they are "heavily skewed Democratic wards."

How did the Siren miss that on the first time listen?

D'Abbraccio revealed on the tape that he "typically" brings in video cameras in to the polling location which are "concealed." Um, that's illegal kittens.

WTF? He even says he has gotten in trouble in the past for saying so!

So it was the uninvited out-of-state organizations who didn't follow the law huh? Funny he mentions "True the Vote" to the Patch since he was there AND the training was sponsored by the Racine Tea Party.

The recording reveals that "True the Vote" handed out fairly comprehensive observer information and the out-of-state people went over what poll observers could and could not do in the polling place.

The only person who talked about breaking the law was D'Abbraccio.

The Siren called in a BIG favor to a "Sirenista" who knows about video and editing and asked them to make "closed caption" video of the salient points (and who smart alecky pointed out the Siren had been spelling D'Abbraccio's name incorrectly in her posts).

VoilĂ ! We got it back this morning and have uploaded it for your listening pleasure...


 A few questions remain...we don't think the Republican Party is supposed to be scheduling poll observers through non-partisan organizations like "True the Vote" or the Racine Tea Party.

Perhaps someone advise the Siren on that...