Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Chronicles Of Wanggaard: Epilogue-ish

So Van lost his seat for a second time yesterday when the results of his recall election were certified by the (Republican) Racine County Clerk. He actually lost by more votes than first thought.

Now the question is: will Van go for a third loss by asking for a recount?

Poor Van, he probably just wants it to be done and work off a few of those campaign junk food pounds on the golf course - but the Siren would not be surprised if voices from Madison didn't encourage him to go in a different direction and demand the recount.


Because there is a slight but real chance that if the GAB certifies the other elections - specifically the Petrowski win - delaying Lehman's swearing in gives the state senate a majority for a few precious days in which the Governor could theoretically call a special session and Democrats would be helpless to stop him.

Sorta casts a pall on the whole beer & brat summit doesn't it? Gulp.

Wanggaard's handlers are already setting the stage for their defense by claiming unspecific (meaning - imaginary) voter irregularities. The Siren imagines their definition of "irregularities" is too many damn people voted.

Stay tuned.