Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Poll Workers: Welcome To The GOP Meat Grinder

First they came for the teachers,
and I didn't speak because I wasn't a teacher.

Then they came for firemen,
and I didn't speak because I wasn't a fireman.

Then they came for the poll workers,
and I didn't speak because I wasn't a poll worker.

Then they came for me...

Well, you know the rest. The GOP worm has turned against election poll workers and they have now joined the ranks of lefty subversives worthy of public derision and scorn by public officials - many who they voted for.

Welcome to the GOP meat grinder grandma.

The Siren can name the poll workers in her election day polling place by their first name - they have dedicated themselves to assisting with local elections for literally decades. They work long hours for tiny pay which has been traditionally viewed as more of a community service than a job.

Imagine the poll workers surprise to discover this week their complicity in a voter fraud scheme which handed a victory to Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch - but defeat to functionally moronic Van Wanggaard.

Even more interesting is that according to the Racine clerk's office Republicans submitted the requests of more than 20 citizens to work on Election Day while Democrats submitted the names of 3. So if it wasn't the Democrats who orchestrated according to Robin Vos, the "portion of the vote was fraud" then it must have been rogue elderly retirees hell-bent on dealing Van - and Van alone - a loss at the polls.

Vos, Wanggaard and their surrogates blame the lack of photo ID as the culprit in allowing poll workers to game the system - which has nothing to do with same day registration. If your address on your ID is different than where you currently live you still need proof of residence to register and since most people do have ID it doesn't make sense.

Republicans claim some people used a water utility bill to register - which some poll workers may have accepted as proof of residence. That means those people may have used incorrect proof NOT necessarily attempted to commit voter fraud.

But since they were probably brown people - that is the same thing to Vos and Wanggaard.

This vilification has begun to irritate at least one area poll worker:
"You are basically saying the poll workers are not doing their jobs. I am a poll worker in Racine, and we work very hard on Election Day to make sure we do everything correctly. There are a lot of checks and balances we have to take care of at the end of the night." 
Of course none of this explains why Scott Walker won and Van Wanggaard lost in the same election if the fix was in. Wanggaard can't admit that some Republicans just didn't vote for him - but it makes complete sense to him that poll workers and voters conspired to withhold a victory from him while they re-elected Scott Walker.

As of today, no one has asked Wanggaard and Vos who brought in out-of-state poll watchers who intimated and harassed voters in Racine. Complaints have been filed by victims and witnesses and yet no one has claimed responsibility for their actions.

Maybe it was the poll workers.