Friday, June 29, 2012


Johnathan Strasburg, Republican attorney (Michael Best & Friedrich - naturally) for Van Wanggaard interrogates Racine poll workers as they desperately seek to find any evidence with which to pin an inevitable lawsuit on.

Some ballot bags were double bagged and some were not sealed correctly...meaning devious (read: minority) poll workers obviously riffled through open bags to remove ballots with Wanggaard votes on them and replaced them with Lehman ballots so the days total vote count wouldn't be off by even one vote. A genius and completely plausible plan executed covertly by a secret network of poll workers.

Poll workers in Racine are being forced to give sworn testimony as to the exact steps they took on Election Day after the polls closed. The whole thing reeks of blatant racism. Wanggaard and his staff should be ashamed of themselves in this disgusting display. (The man in blue shirt and tie is Democrat, Tim Daley - protecting the rights of the poll workers.)