Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Racine County Republicans not only believe that John Lehman did not win the election against Van Wanggaard on June 5th, they believe a massive conspiracy took place to change the outcome of the election and flip it to Lehman.

(There is a terrific satire piece about it on Real Debate Wisconsin - it's hilarious - actually quite clever.)

So if what they say is true - let's process how it was planned...

Republicans say voters use the names of dead people or incapacitated people who aren't coming to the polls on Election Day. Okay, in order for that to happen one would have to have the names and addresses of all the dead and sick people. You'd have to look up and go to each of their polling places and have fakers available to impersonate them. You'd also need to kinda know that they weren't already removed from the poll books or hadn't received absentee ballots at their nursing home if (thankfully) they are still breathing.

Instances of old people voting twice would be easily discovered and the plot revealed. Not happening.

Republicans say that felons are illegally registering to vote on Election Day. (So like four cases of that happening has been discovered over the last eight years - but let's play along.) A felon likes Tom Barrett SO much is willing to risk incarceration and a fine to cast ONE vote in Barrett's direction. Imagine the army of felons needed to change the outcome of an election? They'd ALL have to be willing to go back to jail and then you'd have to send them to the appropriate polling location with proof of residence and ID numbers. Remember they're felons - THEY GOT CAUGHT. You'd have to make sure they got there and didn't blab about the whole operation. THAT's some motherfucking coordination - and no one has ever discovered the mastermind behind the felons voting illegally ring? Genius.

Republicans say people are falsely registering to vote on Election Day. Let's just begin with Republicans hate same day registration - too many damn people trying to vote. They hate it why? Because when they see a group of black or brown people - they see potential crime - why should a polling place be any different?

Look where they stationed their out-of-state polling place suppressors - Jefferson Lighthouse, Bryant Community Center, Dr. King Community Center and Festival Hall. Inner-city, minority neighborhoods. Yelling, following people and taking pictures of voter's license plates who had just registered.

Did they send their imported poll watchers from Kentucky out to Raymond? Of course not - crackers don't cheat.

A systematic plot to falsely register people to vote on Election Day is an entertaining idea, but do the math... You've got to have an ID number or a social security number that matches up to a name. You have to have some kind of bill with an address in that district. Then you have to replicate that system person by person with enough people to change the course of an election - it just doesn't happen. AND if someone had tried it we'd have evidence of massive fake names and false ID numbers to prove it had been attempted.

Who the hell has the time to pull off a stunt like that, cover it up AND keep it quiet all across the state?

You'd probably have to be in bed with the poll workers - who are like a hundred years old - and make sure they don't squeal on you either.

Do some people bring incorrect information with which to register? Sometimes. Poll workers turned away far more registrations with insufficient documents than they processed on Election Day.

(However, if you're a big sweaty white guy yelling at the top of your lungs like a lunatic in an inner-city polling place challenging a registration and causing chaos when you are supposed to respectfully make your challenge known to the Chief Inspector first - you might just get ignored because the Chief thinks you're an ass.)

Republicans say union "thugs" were in polling places "electioneering" with their blue fist pins. See, all those yard signs and endless commercials don't influence voters, a stranger with a pin does. Black and brown people are SO impressionable that one button in a polling place (which technically doesn't have a candidates name on it) might confuse them and make them vote for Democrats against their will.

It's pretty racist when you really look at where supposed Republican concerns are centered: inner-city black and brown people secretly colluding in massive voter fraud abetted by a corrupt black and brown octogenarian poll workers and a syndicate of Tom Barrett loving felons.

Completely plausible.

Just tonight a magic silver bullet was discovered in Racine on the eve of Van's big recount decision. An anonymous person says they found voter registration forms in dumpster outside of Cesar Chavez Community Center - no less. Has anyone seen these forms (that are easy to print on a computer)? Are they signed by special registration deputies who worked at that poll? Are they filled out with the names of any real people who can be questioned? Who is the person who says they found them?

And if they were tossed out - what purpose would that have served to undermine the election?

The whole thing looks like a set-up perfectly tailored for Van to string out a recount, charge the county a bunch of money and perhaps let a brief Republican Senate majority reign. Van knows he isn't going to overturn a 835 vote lead - but he can create chaos.

What we do know about Election Day is that Republicans brought poll observers in from out of state - who illegally tried to challenge voters (you have to be from the district to challenge - but they tried anyway). They interfered with poll workers who they are not supposed to address. At least two Republican poll watchers purposely directed voters to the wrong poll locations. They photographed the license plates of people registering to vote in two poll locations and followed them in to the parking lots.

We also know some Walker supporters commissioned a robo-call telling people if they signed a recall petition they didn't need to vote. They sent out absentee ballot applications to Democrats which may or may not have reached a clerk's office. They ripped down Democratic door-hangers and harassed volunteer canvassers - mostly women.

It's really no wonder why Republicans think Democrats have masterminded a gigantic voter fraud operation - because if THEY could do it they would.