Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gnomeo Gets The Last Laugh

It is a well known fact that unseating Racine Representative Cory Mason was a high priority for douche-bag Robin Vos.

(They really never recovered from the 2006 election in which Mason beat out Van Wanggaard for the assembly seat.)

Since loser Van was the best they had to offer, and look-alike candidate Chris Wright failed to defeat Mason - they took Mason's district and disfigured it into a Republican leaning nightmare that Mason could not win.

No doubt much guffawing and back-slaps ensued when Vossy and friends stepped back to behold their handiwork. They even got a veteran teabilly to threaten to run against him.

So what did Mason do? He followed his constituents to the new district Republicans supposedly drew for Bob Turner. Turns out Turner was finished with the game after a very tumultuous year and it was Mason's to claim.

So not only did Mason find a district he could win - Republicans failed to offer up an opponent against Mason for the November election - meaning the election is just a formality. Mason has already won the seat.

Game. Set. Match.

Little Lord Pops-the-Corn will no doubt get his wish to be Assembly Speaker - but he's gonna have to look at Mason while he bloviates.

Well done Gnomeo.