Monday, June 11, 2012

JT Editorializes Police Chief Arrest Headline

Mt. Pleasant Police Chief, Tim Zarzecki
Over the weekend, Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki was arrested for disorderly conduct and domestic violence in his own home.

It appears that Zaezecki's wife was the person who called 911.

That is basically everything we know about what happened. Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling believed there was enough probable cause to charge Zarzecki.

Yet the Journal Times headline on Saturday read:
"Mount Pleasant Police chief arrested after "very minor" domestic incident" 
Very minor. It's an interesting choice of words considering they do not describe the incident further so that readers can decide for themselves. Instead they use the words of Mount Pleasant Police Captain, Brian Smith to describe the event.

A colleague - not Zarzecki's wife or a witness.

The Siren wishes for the Zarzecki family this is in fact a minor and single incident of domestic abuse. However for the Journal Times to declare ANY incident of domestic violence "minor" before knowing the facts is irresponsible and lazy.

Does Mrs. Zarzecki view this incident as minor? Good to know the JT decided for her.