Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ooh La La, When The New York Times Calls

Siren page traffic blew up yesterday with our "undercover" story about how True the Vote (and various "non-partisan" tea party groups) appeared to have coordinated with GOP officials to target specific polling locations for Election Day observer programs in Racine.

Apparently, this is not allowed under something called the "Federal Elections Commission." Sounds serious.

It also goes a long way to perhaps explaining how poll observers from Kentucky find themselves stationed at Festival Hall, instead of say - Caledonia Village Hall. Or how the County Clerk of Lake County, Illinois finds herself at Jefferson Lighthouse School which submits just a few hundred votes on Election Day.

What do you suppose...they were just driving around town looking for a polling place?

Being a small sarcastic blog dedicated to entertaining our friends seemed a silly notion when to our surprise - within just a couple of hours a reporter from the New York Times contacted us.

True the Vote is large enough (and well-funded enough) to fly volunteers across the country to "train" election observers - how they wound up in a town the size of Racine in a room with a Republican Party official who outlines the targeted Election Day polling locations and scheduling needs - leads to more than a few questions about what happened in Racine on Election Day.

And by that we don't mean the guy who thought he could bring his water bill to register.