Saturday, June 2, 2012

Racine Local News Just Figure Out The Raw Deal School Vouchers Are

It must have been disappointing to Robin Vos and especially, Van Wanggaard to discover for the third time in as many days another unflattering headline about the hell they wrought upon Racine in the form of school vouchers.

St. John Fischer Academy has not been a source of joy to the dynamic duo when the Journal Times reminded the public on Saturday that because of a gigantic flaw in their lousy law - voucher schools can get paid long after a student leaves and moves to another school.

Since the new school might not get any money for months after the student enrolls - guess how many private schools will want to accept a voucher kid for basically free?

Right none. So students will move to public schools who can't refuse them. They won't get paid either.

This reckless oversight was discussed at length during the Republican dog and pony show they called a debate before they passed it. Did Vos or Wanggaard listen? Of course not.

Even if you are a fan of school vouchers - which the Siren is not - there is no debate that as written, Vos' baby which Wanggaard supported was a piece of crap in terms of legislative design. It didn't have to be that way - many good people tried to warn the public about the voucher program.

It's too bad it took the JT so long to make it a headline.