Friday, June 8, 2012

Racine Voter Suppressor Turns Out To Be Illinois County Clerk

Lake County Clerk, Willard Helander
A complaint has been filed with the Government Accountability Board by a Racine resident which stems from an alleged act of voter intimidation by a poll observer at Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School polling place.

The poll observer has been identified as Willard Helander who turns out to be the County Clerk of Lake County, Illinois.

Helander reportedly harassed and intimidated voters and even tried to prevent one voter from putting her ballot in the voting machine by following close behind and shouting at the voter.

Other voters in the area are organizing further complaints against Helander and questioning why the Jefferson Lighthouse Chief Inspector didn't remove her even though she was warned many times while she was present in the polling place on Tuesday.

Why would the Clerk of Lake County Illinois spend the day in a Racine polling place harassing voters? Well the Lake County Republican Party recruited poll watchers on their webpage might be one reason.

Guess what political party in Lake County Helander belongs?

It's interesting that of all the polling places between the state line and Helander's Illinois house on a statewide election day - she should find herself in a Racine inner-city polling place that represents a minority community with a Democratic voting history. A polling place that turned out 310 votes - 278 that went for John Lehman - required the very special attention of the Lake County Clerk.

Coincidence or were Republicans that desperate to keep people in the inner city from voting against their weakest Senate candidate?