Friday, June 22, 2012

Robin Vos Is A Gangster NOT A Gangsta

Robin Vos Gangsta
A lot of people don't know the difference between a "gangster" and a "gangsta" as the kids say.

A "gangsta" is a wanna-be hoodlum. They look tough, sport tattoos, talk shit and often sell drugs. Don't get the Siren wrong...gangstas are not be played with - but they are different from what we call a "gangster."

A "gangster" is part of organized crime and profits from those crimes. "Gangsters" don't advertise and in spite of what you may have seen on "The Sopranos" can pass you by on the street without notice.

In the gangsta/gangster universe, Robin Vos is a "gangster." He is no wanna-be, he's the real deal.

Having been sweated by the press (not local - naturally) and having become the target of another ethics violation complaint - Vos withdrew his name yesterday from a lawsuit which attempted to intervene in the photo ID lawsuit brought by the league of Women Voters. 

Did Vos have a change of mind about photo ID? Funny huh? 

Vos was rightly accused of receiving legal services for which he was not paying. Oh, he said he wasn't sure who was paying - but it was pretty clear it wasn't him. That's called getting a gift for free.  

When Vos' little buddy, Bob Ziegelbauer (the other legislator named in the suit and ethics complaint) decided the kitchen was too fucking hot for him and bailed on the whole deal earlier in the week. Vos was left alone to explain what he was up to. 

He stalled and stonewalled, but he's no Scott Walker. Vos said he was initially told by the GAB he was cool to join in the lawsuit. When the GAB demurred, Vos decided not to release his letter with the GAB guidance on it because you know...maybe he was lying. 

(Not to worry, it will come out in an open records request eventually.) 

Vos jumped ship yesterday. However his troubles are not over - he still has to explain why he took free services and the ethics complaint is pending.

Profiting from an organized effort against the people of Wisconsin while they pay his rent. That's pretty gangster.