Wednesday, June 6, 2012

They Don't Call It The "Belle City" Because We're French

The bright spot this morning after the recall was naturally Racine who deposed the idiot Van Wanggaard in favor of Democrat, John Lehman - which prevents the Wisconsin GOP from a full tilt gloat.

It also robs Scott Walker of the ability to control the State Senate.

While we are all a bit tired and have not had the chance to pour over the figures - there is one very special takeaway from the results:

Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch won Racine County by a margin seen elsewhere across the state - Van Wangaard however lost votes among Republicans who otherwise voted with their party.

Meaning even Republicans think Wanggaard is a dork. THAT is something even a divided county can agree upon.

Congratulations to John Lehman - the most important Democrat in the state this morning.