Friday, June 29, 2012

Walker Stomps His Feet & Flops On The Floor

SCOTUS upheld the individual mandate case you somehow missed it. Democrats braced themselves in the days before for the possibility Obamacare might be struck down. As expectations were lowered, conservatives started spiking the ball in the hours just prior to the historic announcement - confident the Supreme Court would live up to their Citizens United glory.

They didn' least for Republicans. Their defeat was crushing.

Scott Walker got to a microphone after the decision was announced to say he would not act to comply with Obamacare until after the November if Mitt Romney is going to save the world.

A fantasy, even the most ardent Republican supporter wouldn't waste time on.

Have you ever seen that kid in the store having a bit of a meltdown - who ups the ante to a full tilt body flop on the floor? It was kinda like that.

Even Jim Doyle came out of the woods to call Walker on his baby act:
“Part of a person’s job is actually preparing for things that didn’t go the way they wanted them to go,” Doyle said during a conference call with reporters Thursday. “But this is a federal law. And a federal law is a federal law.”
Doyle pointed out the November election date is basically pointless because even if Romney were to win he would still need 60 Senate votes to repeal the damn thing - and that's totally gonna happen.

Doyle reminded the press his administration had already formulated a plan that was ready to go, so the Marquette washout doesn't even have much work to do.

Inconveniently for Walker, Wisconsin Attorney General JB VanHollen was interviewed yesterday and admitted Walker is required to comply with the newly upheld federal law.

Looks like VanHollen isn't willing for fall on his sword for his boss when the feds come calling.