Friday, June 1, 2012

Wanggaard Leads From The Rear On Racine School Vouchers

Scrambling after the devastating story about brand new Racine voucher school, St. John Fischer's clusterfuck of financial problems and fleeing students - Senator Van Wanggaard issued a press release yesterday promising to introduce stricter oversight legislation of voucher schools next fall.
"Wanggaard pledged to introduce legislation requiring first semester audits of newly established schools participating in the parental choice program. Currently, newly created private choice schools are audited following the completion of the first school year. A first semester audit may have prevented the unfortunate situation in the second semester at St. John Fischer Academy." 
Nice try.

Of course when the bill was debated last year, Democrats introduced amendment after amendment saying there was not enough oversight of schools receiving taxpayer dollars. What did state Republicans do?

Voted down their amendments.

Democrats told them this kind of abuse would happen and guys like Van Wanggaard would not hear them.

Plenty of attention has been paid to the teachers not getting paid and showing up to work anyway - the Siren commends them for their dedication. However, if teachers weren't being paid and the poor guy who made the lunches was demoted to volunteer status apparently against his will - what was the learning environment like for high school kids getting ready to enter college or the working world.

They won't get that year back. The people of Wisconsin also won't get the $170,000.00 of taxpayers dollars back either. All because Van Wanggaard would not listen when they shoved the bill through. They wanted it their way - no matter the cost.

Now Van is leading from behind - making promises he should have made ahead of the utterly preventable disaster he now faces.