Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where There's Smoke...

Remember when the recall started and Republicans said recall volunteers were going to make up fake names and then they couldn't find any?

Remember when they found that guy who said he'd signed the petition 30 times - only he didn't when they went to look?

Remember how much press all those baseless allegations got and then Republicans wound up challenging none of the horrible things they said they would find - because there were none?

Where there is a great Republican strategy for getting press. Unfortunately the source of the smoke always turns out to be a Hammacher Schlemmer smoke machine. Completely manufactured and ready for media consumption.

Look! it's ssssmmmmoke! Something must be happening.

Like goldfish, the press swims back round the bowl never realizing they're falling for the same bullshit they fell for just a few minutes ago. Maybe they don't care. Maybe they are just lazy.

So even though the newest smoke is being blown out of the ass of Republican flunky, Lou D'Abbracio, a board member of the County Republicans - local media acts as if he's just a random citizen reporting incidences of voter irregularities coincidentally a day after an embarrassing Republican loss.

They don't see the connection.

No one bothers to check that D'Abbracio has said all these things before and never proven anything. No one checks that the people who were targets of real complaints about voter intimidation by Racine residents were invited to Racine polling places by none other than D'Abbracio himself.

Nothing to see here.

When D'Abbracio announces to the press that a guy (who happens to be a Wanggaard volunteer and substantial campaign contributor) emerged from a dumpster with a handful of poll worker training materials (also known as garbage) and claims it is evidence of some kind of mischief - local press never asks why they want to keep the name of the dumpster diver a secret.

Answer: because it looks as fishy as it smells.

Today, state Republicans have announced four affidavits of voter irregularities prepared by none other than D'Abbracio himself. Four of over 70,000 ballots cast on Election Day. Local press is eating it up like it's a story.

Of course, real incidents of voter intimidation, suppression and harassment have been filed - but that might require investigation and like making a phone call or two - unlike the prepackaged voter fraud "Lunchable" prepared by the Racine County GOP.

Finally, like the recall fraud frenzy - state Democrats are nowhere to be found - leaving the people of Racine to fend for themselves like they did during the recall - with no word from Madison on the abuse they took everyday at the hands of recall opponents.

It took people literally getting beat up to distract Madison from it's perpetual pissing contest with Charlie Sykes before they gave a kind word about the harassment volunteers were taking.

Scot Ross at OneWisconsinNow picked up on the obvious connection between D'Abbracio, the Racine County Sheriff and their phony investigation - with an email blast - that asked for a contribution.

Hey, it takes dollars to keep the boat afloat, we understand.

Madison is allowing the state GOP to once again control the message - a total bullshit story about non-existent cheating created and acted out by GOP surrogates - with virtually no push-back on a plot that is so transparent it is comical.

Maybe we'll take Ross up on his contribution request after all.