Saturday, June 16, 2012

While Racine Fixates On Bogus Garbage - Willard Helander Blows Up In Chicago

Lake County Clerk, Willard Helander
It's funny how the Wisconsin mainstream press has fixated on a bag of trash found at Cesar Chavez Community Center as some sort of evidence Van Wanggaard isn't a complete dork for asking for a recount...the unreported story of the complaint filed against Lake County Illinois Clerk, Willard Helander for voter suppression has blown up in the Illinois press - most notably the Chicago Suburban Daily Herald and the venerable Chicago Tribune.

Racine local press? Crickets.

How did Helander come to Racine? How did she decide on Jefferson Lighthouse as her poll location of choice? Who told her to go there?

Helander admits in both articles she violated Wisconsin law by addressing the one voter we know about...naturally she doesn't care.

Lake County residents don't seem to be all that pleased with her vacation day to hassle voters in Racine and get reported to the Government Accountability Board.

Hellooooo? Steve Lovejoy? Anyone?