Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who's Calling The Shots In The Racine Recount?

Well, it isn't Van Wanggaard. He hasn't shown up to one single day of the recount process. Not one.

On the other hand, John Lehman has stopped in every day - to thank volunteers and the clerk's staff for putting in so many long hours in the pointless (and expensive) recount.

Word is Van's staff is already cleaning out his office in Madison.

According to most, the last few days have been the most shameful. Racine poll workers have been questioned interrogated by high paid Michael Best & Friedrich attorney, Jonathan Strasburg (who reportedly bills about $800 an hour) and board of canvass member and former Racine County GOP chair Roseanne Kuemmel over a handful of bags that were improperly sealed.

If you don't know what that means - it sounds kind of serious. The reality is according to the statements of most of the poll workers is the bags are new - they have only used them for a few elections - and they basically suck. They stick before you want them to and don't where you do.

Some extra large bags of ballots were double bagged for these reasons.

Keeping mind that the tapes and count for each of these "suspicious" bags has been exact - every ballot and vote tally has been accounted for. Republicans are insisting upon questioning poll workers like common criminals. How's that for thanks for your public service?

So what's the point? A lawsuit of course. Republicans will appeal the sure to be upheld recount using the bogus bag scandal as their cause. They will venue shop a partial judge in some other part if the state and say those bags containing approximately 4000 vote should be withheld from the election.

Ultimately, it probably won't work - but it will delay the transfer of Senate majority power meaning committee assignments, offices, staff and of course access to some materials like the redistricting memos can't be authorized by Democrats.

Yes, they are that petty. Why would a big-shot lawyer from Micheal Best & Friedrich spend two weeks in a cramped Racine Court House conference room making up objections and grilling poll workers if there wasn't something big at stake?

Van Wanggaard could stop this whole charade if he wanted. But he was told to get out of town and keep his mouth shut...and that's exactly what he has done.