Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And The "WI Jobs In The Toilet Award" Goes To...

...All the state Republicans! Yay!

Only Wisconsin Republicans and their corporate overlords at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce could give themselves an award for job creation after leading Wisconsin straight into the toilet for job creation - at act like it's a real award.

Oh wait, the Journal Times acted like it was a real award too.

Yes, the WMC - which is not a group of Wisconsin manufacturers - but a lobbying group and enormous conservative campaign funding operation - gave out their 2012 Working for Wisconsin Awards. Their totally bullshit award says it is: 
"Honoring hardworking Legislators with a consistent record of voting for tax cuts and pro-jobs legislation." 
They handed it out to all state Republican (and one Independent) legislators and not one "award" was given to a Democrat.

See "pro-job" legislation is not the same as legislation that creates jobs...at least to the millionaires who fund the WMC. That is why they apparently see nothing ironic in giving these awards out the same week as unemployment in Wisconsin saw a rise, the state lost more than 13,000 jobs in June (the largest monthly loss in three years) and Wisconsin ranked 49 out of 50 in lost construction jobs.

The fellas at WMC are just bankrolling their tax breaks in to more personal wealth while Wisconsin burns.

So congratulations to the winners - you could not have invented a more fitting award...oh wait, we guess you did.