Saturday, July 14, 2012

BREAKING! D'Abbraccio Finds Trash In Dumpster

Quick call Sykes and the MacGruber Institute!

The GOP lead effort to malign the Racine recall with tales of fraud and worker abuse came up with nothing on Friday when the results of the (breathless) sheriff's investigation report was released.

The boys at One Wisconsin Now turned up the heat on the Racine Sheriff and DA to release the report. Ta da! Not only did they release the report, the DA also said they would not pursue any investigation since it was clear the complaints were utter bullshit. (Not a direct quote - but close.)

At the center of the shit-storm was no less than flunky Lou D'Abbraccio - who seems to be the only person mentioned in the 19 page report who actually did break the law.

MASSIVE voter FRAUD and STOLEN elections has been D'Abbraccio's primary meme come election time for years - it's a floor show everyone has seen before.

However, it should be noted that this year D'Abbraccio put his hyperbole in overdrive. D'Abbraccio's obsession has resulted in a ridiculous sheriff's investigation - a price tag for which we'd be very interested in knowing. A dozen or so open records requests that suck up the time of city workers to comply and coordinate. All to fill an insatiable need to shit on City Hall and piss on voters in the inner city.

So how big a waste of time was it? Oh, it was epic.

PART ONE - Ottelien Takes A Dive

Wanggaard best buddy and ticking time bomb of anger mismanagement, Mike Ottelien got the ball rolling after Election Day when he went for a swim in the dumpster outside Cesar Chavez Community Center. Who can blame him? His best friend just lost the election. Who wouldn't rummage through a nasty dumpster to help a friend out?

So Ottelien (who we should mention is such a massive hot head that an office at City Hall which he frequents to subject city workers to his dickish rants had to install a door buzzer so he can't barge right through scaring the shit out of the staff), climbs into the dumpster and rummages around for awhile. He comes up with some ripped up voter registration forms which he places in a garbage bag along with a prescription bottle (?) a couple of bills and - get this - a MacDonald's food bag. Eew.

THIS is their smoking gun.

He leaves the bag of trash in the office of the sheriff's department investigator - who must have been fucking thrilled. The best part is he tells the investigator he has a photograph of himself IN the dumpster verifying it was he who found the trash. Note: We'd pay some serious cash for that picture...just saying.

So what did it add up to? Nothing. From the investigation report:
"In summary, none of the items brought to the Sheriff's Office removed from the dumpster by Ottelien prove or even suggest voter fraud had occurred at the Cesar Chavez Center. The items discarded in the trash are just that, trash."
Ouch. Are they really this stupid or is their naked aggression and racism so overwhelming they cannot possibly see what jerks they are? Ottelien is so certain that nefarious activities are happening that literally (and insanely) anything is proof enough for him and his friends.

Tomorrow...Breaking The Law To Prove People Are Breaking The Law - Except THEY Aren't