Sunday, July 29, 2012

Conservative Rasmussen Poll Puts Baldwin In Front Of All Opponnents

Wisconsin's own firebrand of cute, Tammy Baldwin is proving she can rise above all comers in a Republican field for Herb Kohl's seat that looks more like the He-man Women Haters Club.

Sure PPP has put her in the lead, but everyone knows they lean left - but when the conservative Rasmussen poll showed her leading the pack this week is when the smiles of confidence fell off their faces.

Rasmussen shows Baldwin wiping the floor with Thompson (45-41), Neumann (48-42) and Fitzgerald (47-37) and shows her up by three to Hovde (45-42). This is bad news for Republicans. Tammy is not known across the state yet and as she travels her numbers rise.

She's also been killing them in raising money too - a serious issue for the GOP.

Republicans across the state are seriously divided between their primary candidates...well except for Fitzgerald who no one expects to be competitive. Supporters of Hovde, Thompson and Neumann don't individually share a lot in common - so look for their primary results to be a test for how Wisconsin teabillies stack up against mainline party types - either way Tammy Baldwin looks to be ready for the results.