Friday, July 20, 2012

Crazy Mary Lazich Pulls A D'Abbraccio

Apparently Mary Lazich has nothing to do these days but to direct government agencies in performing tasks that have little to do with the State's business and everything to do with her racist, partisan agenda to keep people from voting.

See Lazich believes illegal immigrants (Mexican ones specifically) are clamoring to vote to such an extent that it warrants a cross check by the GAB against the State's SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) database against voter rolls.

In New Berlin where she lives? Of course not. Lazich wants it done in Milwaukee where State Rep. JoCasta Zamparippa lives and works.

When Representative Zamparippa pointed out that not one case of voter fraud by an illegal alien has ever been prosecuted in Wisconsin and perhaps Lazich's aim might be to purge voter rolls of minority (read likely Democrats) voters, Lazich called her a liar.


Lazich used the rampant voter "irregularities" in Racine as her fuel - without mentioning they were roundly debunked by the Republican appointed Sheriff and District Attorney in Racine.

We are now defining baseless claims of voting fraud exclusively by people of color by white, Republican operatives as pulling a "D'Abbraccio."

Congratulations Mary Lazich. Now we await your proof. Tick tock.