Monday, July 23, 2012

Fucktard Ted Nugent Coming To Sturtevant Y'All

There can be no better evidence of how irrelevant an 80's rock star who won't cut his once-lustrous-long-hair-but-is-now-forced-to-wear-a-baseball-cap-to-hide-his-receding-hairline than to be forced to play the County Fair circuit has become unless you schedule an appearance at the Fountain Banquet Hall/indoor skateboard park in Sturtevant, Wisconsin with Tommy Thompson.

Oy. How the mighty have fallen.

Ted Nugent, who has fashioned himself into a meta version of himself auditioning for a role on "True Blood" ala Joaquin Phoenix will appear at a fundraiser for Tommy Thompson on Thursday in Sturtevant. Afterward, he'll limo it out to Union Grove for a gig at the County Fair. Good times.

Let us not dwell on Nugent's ridiculous political statements and unfortunate fascination with guns to mask his other receding measurement, but focus on the pathetic irony of the situation.

The Siren wouldn't even park her car at the Fountain Banquet Hall let alone go inside. No wonder the man is out of his tits angry - if we had once snorted coke off the breasts of supermodels and now were forced to play the Fountain with Tommy Thompson - we'b be angry too.