Monday, July 23, 2012

Jane Witt Rips Wanggaard & Co. A New One

Photo Credit: Pete Selkowe - Racine Post
Oh, she may look like a sweet, church-going lady with her fake cane to gain your sympathies - don't believe it for a second - that bitch will cut you!

She's ninety pounds of fuck-you-up.

Jane Witt, President of the Racine County Democratic Party authored a commentary in Sunday's Journal Times which put Van Wanggaard and his smear team of flunkies on notice for trashing Racine in the recall elections.
"Throughout the recount process, Wanggaard and friends sullied the good names of Racine and Racine County voters. They ran a smear campaign about how “dirty” Racine voters are. Their attempts, however, were in vain, as the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, the Racine County district attorney (appointed by Gov. Walker), as well as the Government Accountability Board, all soundly rejected the allegations of fraud by Wanggaard and his friends."
Witt, was only warming up...
"Continuing to accuse Racine voters of fraud is beyond offensive to each and every person living in our county. Encouraging people to go digging through dumpsters at polling locations, hoping they discover evidence of voter fraud, is outrageous. And accusing voters of fraud while the head of the Racine County Republican Party’s poll watching program himself may have violated election laws is a disgrace. If you want to see problems with Racine’s voting systems, look no further than the local Republican Party."
How do you like her now bitches?

Seriously however, we credit Witt for standing up to the GOP smear machine and call them out for what they really are: racist, bad losers willing to do anything and say anything to keep people from voting.