Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lehman Wins (Again) The Floggings Will Continue

Racine poll workers questioned by Republicans over ballot bags. 
And Fidel Castro blushed... according to scumbag MB&F attorney, Jonathan Strasburg Nuremberg.

Once again, John Lehman has proven he won the recall election against Van Wanggaard fair & square, but that is not enough proof for Republicans. They insist the crappy ballot bags that opened when too many ballots were shoved inside is evidence of voter "tampering" even though every vote inside was accounted for.

So if you thought the thousands of dollars spent on the recount was a waste of money, wait until the appeal comes. THAT case is filed against Wendy Christensen, the (Republican) County Clerk and Racine County.

We can't decide if that is just awkward or ironic.

Speaking of wasting taxpayer dollar, the flogging continues for people who dared to work at neighborhood polling places... County Republicans are filing open records requests over at Racine City Hall like mad. They want the names of everyone who registered to vote on Election Day, they want the names of every poll worker, they want the names of every special registration deputy and all emails from the Mayor's office on anything that had to do with the election. They want the names of any city employee who was called to help out in voter-swamped poll locations.

Elections have consequences y'all...and if they don't get the result they want, they will make sure every uppity Racinian who denied them their victory is gonna pay one way or another. So get ready to see your name in print poll workers.

Good luck finding people willing to do that again come November.