Monday, July 30, 2012

Lying Liars Tour Hits WI For Romney

"All reformers, however strict their social conscience, live in houses just as big as they can pay for."  ~Logan Pearsall Smith

Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson hit the road in Wisconsin this weekend to support Mitt Romney while he was in the Holy Land making a jackass out of himself. 

Coined the "We DID Build It!" tour, Ron and Paul brought along little buddy, Reince Priebus for laughs. Since Reince is given to epic flop-sweat, they made him ride in a pet-porter strapped to the top of the bus.

Don't worry, he loved it up there!

The tour was meant to be a smart alecky response to the Barack Obama/Elizabeth Warren meme: if you are successful and rich in America - others (including the government) helped you along the road to your success. 

Republicans having wholly misunderstood the concept underscored their ignorance by sending out Johnson and Ryan on the road to talk with voters about how they are self-made men who achieved greatness and fortune by themselves.

(The Siren thinks perhaps they put Reincie on the roof of the bus as a lighting rod when and if God finally decided to send them a holy love letter to repent their douche bag ways or else.)

Ron Johnson, who made his millions so he could purchase a seat in the U.S. Senate was set up in business by his father-in-law when Johnson married a very wealthy heiress. Johnson's new business was designed to supply daddy's business, so no matter how inept the new son-in-law might be - it couldn't fail.

It is only hilariously symbolic that it happened to be making toilet seats. Ron did manage to build his Senate (not toilet) seat campaign by loaning it $9 million and then awarding himself a $10 million deferred compensation package just weeks after buying winning the position.

Jud Lounsbury over at Uppity Wisconsin pointed out just a few days ago, besides the undisputed fact that Johnson had his success literally handed to him - he also doesn't pay income taxes at the same rate the rest of us do. From what we know about Johnson's income (because he doesn't publish his tax returns) Johnson pays about 17% tax on his wealth - a substantial discount subsidized by the American people.  

Ron also makes $174,000.00 on the public dole as a Senator - but you know, he DID build it ya'll.

Then there is Paul Ryan who has never worked a private sector job of note - ever. Not one. He is out there telling working men and women that government doesn't help build personal success. 

Paul, as the well-known true story goes, put himself through college on social security benefits he received when his father sadly passed away. No doubt Paul would have rather had his father than the public money he  got, but as the architect for privatizing Medicare and Social Security it sure is curious isn't it? Slimey bastard.

Paul's family who owns a very large and successful construction firm owes it's longevity to projects like landfill Superfund projects - paid for by the public. Energy construction sites and wetland building which all carry huge contract dollars that come from public wallets.

So when Elizabeth Warren or Barack Obama talk about the publicly paid for roads and energy grids that make a successful business climate possible - they are actually talking about ones built in part by Ryan Incorporated Central using union workers and government contracts. Slimey bastard.

Then there is Ryan's wife, Janna. She is an ivy league educated attorney from an Oklahoma family who made their millions in oil and gas leases - which now Ryan himself has a big stake in. (Ryan's personal wealth is estimated between $2.4 million and $9.3 million.)

Ever wonder why Ryan is so disinterested in rolling back oil and gas subsidies and left over $45 BILLION subsidies intact in his budget while he slashed programs for women and children? Well the four energy companies that stand to benefit from those public subsidy funds are the same companies Ryan and his wife's family lease land to in Oklahoma.  

Slimey, motherfucking bastard.

So the guy who has an elevator in his house to avoid a driveway traffic jam full of his fancy cars sent out on the road a toilet seat magnate who married way above his class and a dork who went to college on public money to tell people they don't need anyone's assistance to be successful in America. 

Perfect. We're starting to cheer for Reincie in the roof of the bus.