Sunday, July 15, 2012

Racine Election Report - Part II: Lou Breaks Election Law To Save The Elections

Welcome back kittens. Today we continue our discussion of the tall-tales of the Racine recall election and the Sheriff's report which killed them.

PART TWO - Lou Breaks The Law And Pens A Manifesto

One of the stories from Election Day that will go down in history is the one where the voter used a rent receipt as proof of residence. This story will not be retold because this person was wrong to use a receipt - in fact they had a valid ID and the receipt seemed to be acceptable proof as a real live eligible voter. No, the story will be told again and again because of the response and subsequent behavior of a poll observer to this citizen's desire to vote on Election Day.

Can you guess which poll observer?

If you guessed Lou D'Abbraccio, then you have indeed been paying attention.

Poll observers are supposed to be just that - observers. They are not to talk to voters or poll workers and they agree to follow those rules when they sign in on the observer log at every polling place. If they observe something improper or incorrect - they are to report it to the Chief Elections Inspector at the polling place. If the complaint is not resolved the observer can file a report with the GAB.

It's actually quite simple.

The Chief Elections Inspector (CEI) is totally in charge. They have the power to decide what challenges are worthy and what challenges are crap. The CEI at the Bryant Community Center -where our story takes place - is Lillie Cameron. Ms. Cameron has been working the polls for years which means she has seen D'Abbraccio's act before.

What do we mean by act?

Well, imagine a polling place in the inner-city. Most of the voters are African-American and Latino. Most of the poll workers are minorities as well. Now imagine a big fat white guy who strolls in to that polling place so certain these minority people are breaking the law all he has to do is stand around for awhile and the crime will reveal itself.

Except Boss Hogg doesn't follow the rules he's looking to uphold. No, those rules are for them not him.

Boss Hogg (who in today's episode is played by Lou D'Abbraccio) talks to poll workers, he talks to voters and when he sees something he doesn't like he YELLS at poll workers, he YELLS at voters and then he YELLS at Ms. Cameron the Chief Inspector.

How do we know? Well, word of this particular meltdown circulated around town before the polls even closed. It has been described to us by people who actually saw it with words like:


If that isn't enough for you, D'Abbraccio admitted to yelling in his own written screed of the events. (Boss Hogg has never been an intellectual type character.)

Ms. Cameron chose - which is her purview - to ignore D'Abbraccio's challenge since he "improperly" presented it. Boss Hogg, to the amazement of the spectators, went in to a full on ape shit screaming baby rant because a guy used a rent receipt - he didn't like it - and no one would listen to him.

Remember those election day rules? Yeah, fuck that fellas...we're on a roll.

See, Ms. Cameron's authority doesn't matter. The rules about polling place decorum by observers doesn't matter. None of those rules matter because guys like Lou aren't interested in those laws - they are only interested in the ones that might keep a black guy from voting - probably for a Democrat - and they are willing to break a whole bunch of other laws to try and uphold the one they think works in their favor.

You didn't think it was really about election integrity did you?

Back to the Sheriff's report, the investigator notes when interviewing Asst. Clerk, Donna Deuster who was called down to the Bryant Center by D'Abbraccio to witness his giant meltdown:
"Without solicitation I was pulled aside by other observers who felt Mr. D'Abbraccio caused an unnecessary disruption to the voting site."
Ya think? They clearly could not see that ol' Boss Hogg is a hero who needs to break a few laws to uphold the legal process. It's just a coincidence he does it in predominately minority and low income area. After all that's where the crimes are being committed.

It's not racist - it's just realistic.

So along with his description of how Ms. Cameron dissed him, D'Abbraccio penned the purplest of prose he described as an "affidavit" (except it wasn't witnessed or notarized making it a piece of paper with writing and not an affidavit...never mind) which described Lou's Election Day field trip and naturally his complaints about everything that happened he didn't like.

D'Abbraccio released his "affidavit" to the press with much fanfare. Our poor investigator was forced to follow up on each observation with Racine City Clerk, JJ Martin we'll now call:

Fear And Loathing In Racine

D'Abbraccio categorized his complaints in to three categories. Each of them might seem stupid to you - but to the paranoid criminal mind they are evidence of nefarious and fraudulent activity. That the investigator and Janice Martin had to address each of them and write it all down is a mystery - we'll let you relax and mentally add up the payroll hours consumed...

1. Getting people to the polls. Um...It's not a crime to drive people to polling places. Not that guys like Lou wouldn't try to make it so. D'Abbraccio goes on about YES! high school students - apparently not caring their parents gave them permission and considered it a public service on Election Day.

2. Sowing chaos at the polls. Caused by union presence and NOT a fat guy yelling at poll workers. D'Abbraccio's "affidavit" included words like: insidious, goons, thugs which sounds very legal but managed to not come up with ONE documented case to pay for his thesaurus - that is if you don't count his burlesque show at the Bryant Center.

3. Poll worker issues. These complaints ranged from poll workers asking for people to say their name - because prompting them could "facilitate election fraud"  to a phantom voter who may have voted three times. Martin was forced to go through each putzy undocumented claim and explain to the investigator how they were either stupid, not true or out of their control. 

The best part is the conclusion by the investigator who says:
"Overall, the complaints filed with this office in regards to what the election observers did observe on 6-5-12 do not prove voter fraud or that a crime had occurred at any polling place. Many of the complaints received the observer had made assumptions of fraud...with no proof that had occurred.
Most of the observers themselves have written in their observations that they violated those rules stated they would abide by."
Now if only the Journal Times would make that their headline.

Tomorrow...Flunkies Go To A Cook Out And Get Cash Money For Votes.