Monday, July 16, 2012

Racine Election Report - Part III: Ardis Cerny Bats Clean Up For Team Fear

In our third installment of the effort to taint the Racine recall election and the Sheriff's investigation that killed it - is the story of Ardis Cerney and the report she filed with the Sheriff's office.

PART THREE - Ardis Sees Black People

Most of you dear readers don't know who Ardis Cerny is - be glad others do the dirty work of keeping track of this hot mess from Pewaukee.

Ardis is the founder of the "We're Watching Wisconsin Elections" which is an outfit as paranoid as their name suggests. Ardis' main objective has been to bring voter ID to Wisconsin, but prior to it's legislation this year, she led a citizens effort to insist on showing poll workers IDs on Election Day even though they just wanted to follow the law and get the day over with.

Like most election fraud conspiracy nuts, Ardis doesn't waste her time in Waukesha or Baraboo, her super sleuthing seems to only ever focus on regions where brown people live. Ya know, where the criminals reside. 

She's not a racist, she's just a patriot who wants to protect the integrity of her vote down in the hood.

Anyway, Ardis spent recall Election Day in Racine - who didn't? Naturally she saw somethings she had to add to the other "affidavits" over at the Sheriff's office. Ardis forwarded her "report" on June 19th, two weeks after the election was over - but just in time to catch the voter fraud message train leaving the gate.

Ardis reported observations she witnessed at three polling locations in Racine.

The first was a van she saw at the Cesar Chavez which was painted with phrases which said "Vote Today," "Vote Barrett Vote Mitchell YMCM" - stuff like that. Cerny assumed it was a voter shuttle. Cerny later discovered that the phrases "YMCM" and "Cash Money" is the name of a popular rapper and she interpreted those messages to be "code" for "we will pay you for your vote." Even though she never saw any money or witnessed anyone solicit a voter for their vote - it was enough evidence for her to insist the Sheriff  investigate.

Her second observation involves the same van which she saw at Festival Hall and then followed with her own car where she saw two men being dropped off in front of a house in which a few guys were grilling food in the front yard. Cerny wrote that it "looked like a little party to me." The investigator is left to conclude Ardis must have believed the party was a bribe because our investigator writes:
"Cerny's observations of a "party" going on complete with food being grilled doesn't suggest or prove any type of voter fraud." 
Right. Who grills out in June on an 80 degree day? It must have been a bribe. Wanna guess the color of the people Cerny witnessed?

Her last reported observation was at the Martin Luther King Community Center and that of a girl another observer told her had voted three times. The other observer said the girl had gone home and put on a headband - that's how he knew.

Now, we just want to pause and say it is entirely possible that someone left and returned two more times to the polling place to vote for two other registered voters, knew their addresses and tricked the people at the poll book table twice by simply putting on a head band. It could happen.

However, we are willing to bet most of the people who vote at the MLK Community Center look pretty much the same to jerks like Ardis Cerny.

Good 'ol Ardis chastises herself for not calling the cops on this mystery girl no one else saw but her and her observer buddy, but never fear, the observer friend made a challenge against the girl in the head band.

Yea! One for the good guys.

Except the other observer who made the challenge resides in Elm Grove, WI. It is not legally permissible to challenge voters in municipalities you do not reside in - something a person who runs a website about poll observing should know.

Fucking geniuses.

Once again, we have nitwit racists who disregard the law in order to try and stop people from voting. This is called voter suppression and it's a federal crime. Maybe that girl did vote more than once - if she gets caught she's going to be in serious trouble - as she should.

As wrong as that would be - at least she's not some kind of condescending hypocrite breaking real laws (they admit it!) and justifying breaking the law by saying they're trying to protect the vote.

It's bullshit.

Ardis Cerny and her friends at "We're Watching You, But Don't Watch Us" and "True The Vote" and Lou D'Abbraccio and Mike Ottelein for that matter, have never gone to the neighborhoods that vote at the polling places they cause trouble in to register people to vote so Election Day can be easier and more organized.

They aren't interested in having people vote. They aren't interested in easier and more organized Election Days.

Every person who walks in or works at a polling place where they are stationed is a suspect, a potential criminal only they can catch. That they willfully station themselves at minority polling places is so twisted there are no words for it. It is such a cynical and loathsome activity masquerading as patriotism - they should should all be ashamed of themselves and ask Jesus for forgiveness or risk burning in hell for the rest of eternity.

Tomorrow...Willard: The Squeakquel