Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Racine Election Report - Part IV: Willard Helander...The Squeakquel

Today in part four of the Racine investigation report released by the Sheriff's Office, we examine the wild eyed report featuring our favorite GOP county clerk carpetbagger, Willard Helander.

Willard Helander: The Squeakquel

Our readers will remember the story of Willard's voter intimidation behavior over at the Jefferson Lighthouse polling place - a poll location located in the middle of the city and a long way away from her home in upscale Lake County Illinois.

Unlike the GOP's fake "affidavits" of election fraud assumptions and heresay - Willard's behavior resulted in a real nine page written complaint submitted to the GAB. We also understand that Willard's field trip across the state line on a work day has resulted in some complaints from her constituents in addition to the questions the GAB has for her.

Helander returns to us today as the third party in a photo the investigator found on the "We Are Watching" website and an "incident" emailed to the Sheriff by Lou D'Abbraccio. D'Abbraccio attached another "affidavit" by Barbara Simpson - a poll observer at Jefferson Lighthouse with Helander.

Simpson, through D'Abbraccio, maintains that a poll worker was asked to step outside and ask some voters to move their cars since the playground was to be used for recess. By all accounts, that is what she did.

Simpson and Helander followed her outside - of course - and noticed that she talked to a couple of people by the playground fence. Naturally they concluded that meant she was canvassing the neighborhood for votes. Democratic votes no doubt. So they photographed her and posted her picture on a website saying she was committing election fraud.

What other conclusion could they have made? After all they didn't hear her solicit votes and no one reported she solicited them. She couldn't possibly have known the people she talked to considering she lived in Racine.

No, there was no other conclusion to make.

So what did they do about it at the time? Simpson questioned her. Yep, even though they are not allowed to address or question poll workers - that is exactly what they did. When they didn't get the answer they wanted from the poll worker or from the polling place Chief Inspector, they called good 'ol Lou down to the polling place.

What did Lou do? He questioned the poll worker too.

In their "affidavit" Simpson says she and Helander saw this poll worker tell 3 voters how to vote in the poll booth - which the Sheriff's investigator doubts - since it's a booth. How would they know what she told them? They also said she gave a person some chicken...but they don't know if that person voted or not.

Note: Your tax dollars paid for the investigation into this garbage.

Never mind that poll workers are able and allowed to tell voters how to complete the ballot. Wanna guess the color of the poll workers skin?

Simpson and Helander photographed voters and the license plates of their cars and are implicated in documented and witnessed reports of voter intimidation - and they had the mendacity to post photographs of a poll worker and say - with no proof whatsoever - that she was soliciting votes.

Isn't also interesting how in spite of GOP protestations at the notion they were coordinating with people who were supposedly non-partisan, they are ALL quite interconnected.

Racine didn't need a Sheriff's investigation to prove they were all working together...another violation of the law.

Tomorrow...Wanggaard Doesn't Sue