Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Racine Sheriff's Investigation And The Damage Done

Gross and sad. There is no other way to frame the Republican response to the recall election and the ousting of Van Wanggaard.

We're sure you all have a few words to add to our brief list.

As the Sheriff's 19 page investigation concludes - the investigation that was going to blow the lid off the conspiracy and fraud in the Racine election racket - our investigator tracks down a few more hyperventilated rumors and assumptions totally devoid of proof.

The first is a complaint about election irregularities at the Racine Transit Center Polling location. The complaint came in the form of a video taken inside the poll location. 

Since the Transit Center has only been used as a poll location for the recall primary and general election - it is safe to assume the video was taken on June 5th.

The video was posted on the Breitbart you know it's a vetted piece of investigative journalism, and has since been posted on several blogs. The video shows a poll worker sitting on a bench organizing a messy stack of ballots. It lasts 44 seconds. 

The purpose of this video, we imagine is to demonstrate the blatant disregard poll workers (a black poll worker) have for the safety of the ballots. Oh! they are so messy and some drop on the floor and she picks them up and makes a stack of them. 

Surely this is evidence of a crime!

Well, yes actually it is. It is illegal to videotape or take photos inside a polling place.

The person who made the video of a poll worker doing her job is committing a crime. Sending the video to Breitbart is evidence of the crime. Idiots!

They actually seem to have no awareness of this fact whatsoever. 

The second reported "crime" is an audio recording of a guy from Michigan talking on the air with a radio personality in Washington D.C. The man says he is on a bus that has been sponsored by an unnamed Democratic union with 3 other buses with the intent of crossing the state line and voting in Wisconsin. 

The audio recording doesn't say where they are going and there is no evidence whatsoever that it came to Racine...or it ever even existed for that matter - but the Sheriff had to include it in this ridiculous investigation. Utilizing more time and taxpayer dollars.

After spending a number of days reading the report and reviewing the dumbass hyperbole farted out the mouths of GOP surrogates like Lou D'Abbraccio, we have come to a few conclusions.

First, these people don't know the difference between their assumptions and reality. To them, their assumptions ARE reality. Let's just add to that - you don't want to live in that reality - ever. It's racist and cynical and the average estimation of the worth of their fellow man is pretty fucking low.

Second, people who are actively breaking the law trying to prove others are breaking the law with no proof are assholes. For that matter, people who insist law enforcement to investigate alleged crimes of others by using their own accounts of breaking the law are even worse.

So in the end, Van Wanggaard decided not to appeal the recount conclusion that he lost. 

Why? Scot Ross at One Wisconsin Now had it exactly correct when he wrote about it earlier this week in the Cap Times. Wanggaard and his funkies, Lou D'Abbraccio and Mike Ottelein may have blown enough smoke out of their respective asses to get some press and cast some doubt - but that shit ain't going fly in a court of law where the level of proof is a lot higher than in the Journal Times.

Wanggaard didn't appeal because he would have been laughed out of court - handlebar mustache and all. Can't you just see D'Abbraccio, Cerny and Willard Helander all testifying on his behalf about the "irregularities" they witnessed and then divulging the actual laws they broke in the process? The defense would have brought in our trusty Sheriff's investigator and the whole thing would be over in about 30 seconds.

The last thing the Siren would like to point out about the Sheriff's investigation (that is available online for anyone to read) is that all of the people who ripped up their voter registration forms and put them in the trash at Cesar Chavez Community Center now have a lot of personal information out there for anyone to see. Birth dates, drivers license numbers and home addresses all because Mike Ottelein fished them out of the dumpster and took his trash bag over to the Sheriff and demanded they investigate what was ultimately determined to be garbage. 

Poll workers, who were trying to do a good job for very little pay were subject to interrogation and derision by Republicans who couldn't admit they lost the election. Treated and assumed to be criminals by the GOP, local press went along with the fake drama without questioning really if they had any proof. Turns out they didn't. That fact only merited one, below the fold story.

The shame of that will be evident in trying to find poll workers again in the fall.

Of course none of the complaints D'Abbraccio and the gang that couldn't shoot straight pumped up would have been solved by voter ID. People still would have been driven to the polls - which they hate. People would still need to register using proof of residence - which they hate. High school kids would still volunteer to knock on doors - which they hate. And the people in the city of Racine would still be minorities who happen to have a constitutional right to vote...and you know what they think of that.