Sunday, July 8, 2012

Robin Vos Drops A Flaming Load In His Pants

Little Lord Pops-the-Corn got a smack down from Politifact on Friday over his exaggerated statements on the recall election in Racine.

Saying specifically "a portion" of the margin of victory in John Lehman's win was due to voter fraud.

That's a mighty big allegation, what is his proof? None, of course.

Vos "heard" that someone tried to use a Bed, Bath & Beyond mailer as proof of residence.

Really, he heard that?

We "heard" Vos was a homosexual - so by his logic it must be true. The Siren has no evidence, but who cares? We just "heard" it.

Seriously, was the voter successful in using the mailer as proof? We don't know. Bringing incorrect proof is not fraud - it's a mistake. What poll location? What poll worker? None of this matters as long as we can cast aspersions on inner-city residents without admitting that Wanggaard is a dope and Racine voted him out.

And because the GOP couldn't save Wanggaard from his own demise - any lie will do to save them from embarrassment.

Don't worry, they've got Jim Ladwig warming up to save them in future races since Wanny was a bust.