Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Is Why Wisconsin Can't Have Nice Things

Just as the breaking news out of Wisconsin yesterday seemed to be State Representative, JoCasta Zamarripa's decision to publicly and bravely come out as bi-sexual - Tim Cullen cock-blocked her news.

Gee whiz man, can't a sister have a moment?

There are a couple things to know about Tim Cullen:

~Tim Cullen didn't want to go to Illinois with the other Democratic Senators and the stories of his weaselly phone calls to Walker while thousands marched in the snow were true.

~Tim Cullen doesn't like Majority Leader, Mark Miller and Miller appears to feel likewise.

~Stories of Cullen's near defection on the mining bill as it was written was true. It seems until it was leaked in the blogging community causing a torrent of backlash - Cullen was set to vote yes.

Yesterday, Cullen announced he will no longer caucus with State Democrats and is looking at becoming an Independent. Cullen sites his insulting committee assignment by Miller and boasts his years of experience as evidence that he was wronged - so he's taking his ball and marching home.

A panicked state was left to wonder if the the Democrats would still have majority control...they do.

Cullen later qualified his defection by saying he still supports Democrats, Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin and considers himself a Democrat - he just doesn't want to caucus with Dems. How mature.

Scott Fitzgerald wants to have a heart to heart with Cullen and see how he can help, Democrats want to know who might be a viable primary challenger in Cullen's district.

Cullen may have a point that his committee appointment on tourism wasn't a plum seating - but he sure hasn't been collecting brownie points either. This ultimately will play out poorly for Cullen. 

The Siren suggests that perhaps some might like to give Cullen's office a call, especially those of you who worked so hard to create a Democratic majority. Say hi for us and remind the Senator that your hard work was not about him (608)266-2253 or (800)334-1468.