Thursday, July 12, 2012

Voter Swindlers In Space

It's ironic that the week more details of Kathy Nickolaus's deceptive activities as Waukesha County Clerk surface, the right wing spin machine jets into hyperdrive over voter turnout and worker errors made in the Racine recall election.

Turns out Ms. Nickolaus programmed her voting machines ahead of the April elections and didn't publicly test them once the change was made. She also won't say what she did to them.

Seriously, they don't want to talk about that and the quarter million dollars it's going to cost Waukesha County residents for a forensics team to figure out what the hell she's been up to alone at night with the county's voting machine programs.

Her previous immunity status as a Republican operative in the assembly scandal back in the day comes up a bit shy in the ethics department.

Little Lord Pops-the-Corn and friends penned a huffy letter yesterday to the GAB and claimed the activities in the Racine recall made an "utter mockery" of the voting system.

When banked off the reflection of Nickolaus and her election day behavior we cannot help but agree with Vossy's assessment...but of course he wasn't talking about Nickolaus was he?

Vossy claims ballot bags were "tampered" which of course was not proven or even alleged during the recount. He brings up the specter of unsigned poll books - which represented a few dozen clerical errors but doesn't explain that when a person registers at the polls they sign the registration form - so technically a signature has been captured.

Either way not signing the book doesn't invalidate a vote and it happened across the state...just not in municipalities where they lost a close election which is why they are fixated on Racine.

Vossy also alludes to junk-mail being used as proof of residence without showing that one single voter was ever allowed to register and vote by offering junk-mail as proof. That's called heresay - and while it's sounds so very juicy, there is no truth to it...that is, if you require the truth in the first place.

No the truth isn't the point, lots and lots of innuendo is. Enough innuendo to camouflage the Nickolaus story this week and the movement breaking out to hand count the recall ballots across the state.

Ask anyone who is concerned about election fraud and the first thing they'll tell you it's the voting machines which are suspect. They are easy to hack and evidence is very hard to trace. Even the nut-jobs from "True the Vote" when on and on about an international conspiracy to hack software in voting machines.

They made Kathy Nickolaus's late-night reprogramming sessions sound completely reasonable.

Nobody walks into a polling place and tries to purposely defraud the election by falsely registering to vote. They may be mistaken - but no plot to register voters falsely to swing an election has ever been found or even suspected in Wisconsin. Why? Because it's stupid and it would take too much work even if you could pull it off.

Nobody buses in people from out of state to vote to swing an election. Why? Because it's stupid and you'd get caught.

Nobody opens ballot bags and replaces them with ballots in their favor. Why? Because it's stupid and there is no way of knowing how many ballots you'd even need to win.

There's a reason no one has been accused to have done the crazy things Vos and friends allude to have happened in Racine - because no one does those things. If you did - you'd get caught.

Let's be clear, Republicans aren't interested in catching anyone. They know there isn't anyone to catch. What they are interested in is deflecting from their own agenda to make it increasingly harder for people to vote - especially those who tend to vote for Democrats. They write shitty laws designed to confuse voters and poll workers and then blame them when mistakes happen so they can get rid of other voting rights like same-day registration.

They shield actual bad-actors like Kathy Nickolaus and vilify urban voters and poll workers by casting trumped up doubts on elections in city's like Racine who had the misfortune of voting to un-elect their guy.

It is past time for Racine officials to speak out on behalf of voter integrity in Racine. Mike Tate isn't going to do it and no one wants Graeme to weigh in - Jesus, Sykes has already killed Racine enough.

It's is time for John Dickert to defend Racine publicly and unequivocally. Human error is part of every election day - but what has been falsely alleged about Racine polling places is an outrage that should make every citizen angry. The Republican besmirching of the efforts of so many who worked diligently and conscientiously on a historic election day must have a defender at last.