Friday, August 10, 2012

Awkward Alert: Eric Hovde Loves Him Some Gays

Well this is awkward.

On the heels of a campaign donation to devil incarnate, Jim Doyle which challenges Eric Hovde's bona fides as a true conservative candidate - Daniel Bice at the Journal Sentinel reveals this morning that in addition to giving money to Democrats, Eric Hovde also donated dollars to a PA legislative candidate who was not just a Democrat but an LGBT superhero.

How big of a gay-lover was Hovde's preferred candidate, Andrew Hohns? From the Sentinel:
"More than anything, the social and political goals of of the LGBT community define the very core of my own beliefs," Hohns wrote in response to a questionnaire from the Liberty City Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club, Philadelphia's most influential gay rights political group.
Hohns also wrote, "It is my opinion that, in many ways, advancing the civil rights of the LGBT community will provde to be a key struggle of my generation. I do not shrink from that responsibility; I welcome it." 
That's pretty supportive and the Sirens completely approves...however that could be a problem for Wisconsin Right to Life and Wisconsin Family Action who have twisted themselves in to very uncomfortable positions to endorse Hovde in spite of his past.

Jeff Simpson at Cognitive Dissidence also pointed out today that with the public endorsement of Mark Neumann by the Tea Party Express - the Racine Tea Party was forced to put out a letter letting their teabillies know that didn't mean the Neumann endorsement was shared by them - which everyone knows is in the bag for Hovde.

Especially amusing is the Racine Tea Party's bitchy jab at the Tea Party Express for being a group out of California. Right, because being the local franchise of Americans for Prosperity and insatiable Koch-whores makes them real grassroots.

It is amazing (and as Simpson points out - ironic) watching these groups juggle multiple endorsements after much derision on their part over the four Democratic candidates running in the recall election primary just a few months ago. The main difference is of course - Democrats didn't have to do so much convincing of their base that their strongest candidates were real Democrats. 

Every day we learn more about "Shake and Bake" Senate candidate, Eric Hovde we like him - but not for the same reasons Republicans want to like him. 

Psssst teabillies beware: remember how you talked yourselves into Scott Brown and then were pissed because he turned out to be moderate? Yeah, it's like that.