Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dicklob Vos Says Lehman Is "Illegitimate"

What a perfectly smug asshole Robin Vos is. A portrait of smarmy douchebaggery personified. A human dick.

THIS is Robin's latest contribution to Wisconsin Eye's "Civil Dialogue" with counterpart Peter Barca, who seems to be the only person who correctly understands the definition of "civil" and "dialogue".

People who read the Siren who are not from Racine may not understand how much Vos dislikes the city of Racine. That he views it as a cesspool is no secret and is clearly apparent in the "I'm smelling a nasty fart" expression he wears every time he discusses the Belle City.

In Robin's latest act of pulling his pants down and taking a giant crap on Racine, he testifies that if only video cameras had been brought in to Racine polling places, the DA would have been able to prosecute voter fraud in the recall election and that he believes John Lehman is "illegitimate in many ways."

(Two things. Bringing video cameras in polling places is illegal - not that Vos cares about the law - and Republicans did bring video cameras into one polling place in Racine and the Sheriff said it proved nothing except they didn't understand the law themselves.)


The thrice married representative just can't quite get over that he lost can he? We suggest a more positive solution than just being disgusted by Vos' completely unbecoming statements:

Donate to Vos' opponent in this fall's election. Go to Kelley Albrecht's website and volunteer to lend a hand or better yet - donate to her campaign and help her kick Vos in the balls every day until November 6th.