Monday, August 6, 2012

How Many Rooms Full Of People Have To Die?

Photo: Overpass Light Brigade
How many rooms in churches, theaters or schools, full of people have to die before we finally understand it's the guns?

It's the guns. Period.

Seung-Hui Cho, Jared Loughner, James Holmes and yesterday - Wade Page all had legally obtained guns that took the lives of 58 people and wounded 90 others within a time-span of mere months.

Individually they were deranged - motivated by insanity or hate. There is no debate they were sick men in need of significant mental care - the kind that comes with a key and a lock. Mental care that is sadly much more difficult to secure than a semi-automatic pistol.

Collectively they acted out their insanity and/or hatred with firearms, obtained easily and conveniently with only the need for a venue to complete their twisted visions.

It's the guns.

Had Wade Page, an Army veteran and white supremacist been compelled to act out his hate on the Sikh temple in Oak Creek with a knife without a doubt seven people would not be dead today. Free and easy access to guns and ammunition provide unfettered ability to act out the worst demons that perhaps time and intervention could have possibly prevented.

Disagree? Well, we'll never know now. Wouldn't it have been worth 33 lives in Virginia, 6 lives in Arizona, 12 lives in Colorado and 7 lives in Wisconsin to find out?

It's the guns.