Wednesday, August 22, 2012

JT Puts Bombardier On Cover - Doesn't Mention Cenveo

Oh, Journal Times. What are we going to do with you?

This morning's JT had a bright shiny headline about the $15 million dollar expansion of BRP aka Bombardier and the consolidation of 136 jobs from Waukegan.

Nice, maybe those Illinois folks will buy some houses here in Wisconsin.

Of course, our semi-cross-eyed Governor came down to take credit for the expansion. But hey, we want jobs and even though Walker has the worst job creating record in the country - anyone who wants to expand is a good thing. But it should be understood, the 136 are new employees to the plant - not new jobs.

On the same day, Cenveo envelope maker announced it will close it's Kenosha plant and cut 103 jobs - that's 103 people out of work. The JT has yet to report that.

We're all for good news...but when it is presented to the exclusion of reality or even relevant information - they simply aren't doing their job.