Monday, August 20, 2012

Robin "Family Values" Vos Churns Through Second Wife

Strike two, Mr. Vos. You're almost out.

Wisconsin State Representative and smug bastard, Robin Vos got served by his second wife - long distance from Idaho.

Rumors have been circulating for months that the most recent Mrs. Vos had gone AWOL, but the court system works a little slower.

For those of you keeping score, Vos' first marriage ended  in 2002. His second attempt lasted a pretty long time in spite of his wife's long absence from Wisconsin - or maybe because of it.

Advice to Vos: David Koch is taken and no matter how hard you try to fill that empty void - it isn't gonna happen. Please stop marrying, sir.

Update: Previously reported that Vos had married 3 times was incorrect - unless Mr. Vos had a sex change and was married to a dude until 1998 - which is unlikely. Robin Vos has only suffered through two failed marriages which isn't even so bad by today's standards. Some girl could just be lucky #3!