Monday, August 20, 2012

Romney's "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" Uncomfortable For Ryan? Not Really

So how do you suppose Mitt and Paul discuss their seemingly different positions on the auto bailout?

On November of 2008, Mitt Romney penned an Op Ed in the New York Times saying a bailout for the auto industry would spell the demise of the entire industry.

Luckily for Detroit, President Obama didn't require Mitt's opinion and bailed them out anyway.

Paul Ryan on the other hand was met with a bit of a dilemma, suddenly an enemy of stimulus packages (after a decade of loving and voting for them) Paul was faced with a vote to help an industry that fed Janesville for more than a century or plan to never go home again if he failed to vote in favor of the auto bailout.

Oh, how he agonized! (Not really, Ryan voted in favor of every big corporation giveaway that passed through his office when Bush was President.) He had to at least look like it was difficult.

We know the answer to how the new bromance handles their past indiscretions. Paul tells Mitt he had no choice. Since both men are such vapid sellouts, no doubt their shared traumatic experiences in supporting things they now claim to hate only binds them closer together.