Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan Lied? Oh, He's Been Doing That Shit Around Here For Years

It's hard to not be amused at the news world today who seem to be completely surprised by the breadth of Paul Ryan's ability to lie on stage. If lying was a P90X routine - Ryan would be a contender for the Olympics.

We've all heard his lies before.

So much for Paul Ryan's divorce from Ayn Rand. In last night's RNC speech, Ryan signaled to the "Randians" he was still one of them by coding his language with "Aynisms" only they could hear.

Central planners? WTF?

Even before he was finished speaking, the internet lit up with fact-check proof of Ryan's utter dishonesty. No less than a Fox News pundit called Ryan's speech "deceiving" and "distracting" with "blatant lies." New York Times Magazine also referred to Ryan's rhetoric as "lies" and the Washington Post titled it "Mr. Ryan's misleading speech" in today's headline.

The poor fact-checkers over at Politifact committed mass suicide despairing that "pants on fire" was their harshest category.

Let's run through some of the best lies Ryan told last night...and will spend the better part of next week explaining.

~Janesville GM plant closing: Ryan blamed Obama for the closing of the GM plant (again) even though he and everyone else knows it closed before Barack Obama took office.

~Stimulus failure: Ryan repeats his persistent meme that Americans didn't get any relief from the President's stimulus plan. Ryan wants us to forget he was for them before Obama was president and requested stimulus funds from Washington 5 times on behalf of Wisconsin companies. The stimulus accounted for 3.3 million jobs saved or created.

~Obamacare Part I: Ryan says Obamacare has no place in a "free country" even though Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health care law is virtually identical...wonder if he's told Mitt. Ryan will repeal Obamacare even though a majority of Americans are in favor of nearly all the protections the ACA affords them...oh, and  repealing it will add $109 billion to the deficit and throw 30 million people out with no coverage.

~Obamacare Part II: Ryan recently has spent time criticizing Barack Obama for cutting $716 billion from Medicare -which sounds bad - except if you realize Ryan's own budget cut that much or more AND Obama's cuts come at the expense of health care providers NOT seniors - which is exactly what Ryan's plan will do with vouchers that don't keep up with inflation or rising health costs. On top of that, Ryan's plan shortens the solvency rate of Medicare by 8 years over Obama's.

Ryan's claim that he and Mitt Romney will save Medicare for future generations is dubious at best since it will cost far more individually as seniors enter the program.

~"Downgraded America": This one should have caused a direct lightening strike all on its own since it was Ryan and his fellow Republicans who held the debt ceiling legislation hostage which caused the downgrade. Something the ratings agencies even said at the time.

~Obama has amassed more debt than "all the past Presidents combined": Another dozy of a lie Republican's like Ryan like to repeat since Obama put the 2 wars and Bush tax cuts on the books instead of hiding them. Obama has also cut spending far and above both Bush terms.

~Europe Again!: Ryan loves to talk about Europe and how Obama wants to turn us into a European state. Even idiots are wise to the fact that countries in Europe who dismissed drastic austerity measures are doing far better than the ones who did. The type of austerity cuts Ryan based his budget on.

~Capping spending at 20% of GDP: Hey, if you're a teabilly who has been programmed to yammer nonsensically about spending, then this sounds great to you. Too bad your home school didn't teach you math. To cap spending at 20% of GDP Ryan calls for cuts while he magically grows the defense budget and cutting more taxes for the wealthiest. If you aren't one of them, say you are a vet, a disabled person, an old person, a college student, a working person just on the bubble of making ends meet - you are going to be so fucking fucked you won't believe it. In order to make his goal - which won't balance the budget in the Siren's lifetime - Ryan will cut 65% of programs designed to assist the poorest Americans, plunging them deeper into poverty.

Better reserve your condo at the gated community with armed guards right away.

Our favorite moment (aside from his Ipod list - which caused every rock band in the world under 60 to plead with Ryan to remove their music from his Ipod and please for the love of God stop mentioning them publicly) was when he described how he lives on the very same block as he did when he was a kid...without mentioning he lives in a 6000 square foot house that is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Paul Ryan is a politician who has developed policies that are so distasteful that he cannot elaborate on them for fear of losing votes. As a result he has learned to lie about them with such amazing brazenness that it has left the national media quite stunned. We are used to his ridiculous lies in Wisconsin - let's hope his chickens finally come home to roost.

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