Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ryan Thinks We Don't Remember Janesville GM

Photo: Green Bay Press Gazette
This week in stunning piece of political duplicity, Paul Ryan took to stages across the U.S. to tell the story of the Janeville GM plant closing.

The Janesville closing ranks at the top of corporation abandonment in Wisconsin - familiar names like Jacobsen, Chrysler, Delphi and GM - all gone under Paul Ryan's tenure in Congress. Their demise has devastated SE Wisconsin in ways that are felt each and every day around here. Pick a bus stop or any street corner - someone there has a story to tell about it.

So when Paul Ryan spoke about Janesville he did so to illustrate his qualifications to be Vice President. Ryan knows what the GM closing did to his hometown - how could he possible forget the date that plant shut it's doors?

Ryan told an American audience that GM closed the Janesville plant in 2009 because the Obama administration failed to act to save it - when anyone in his district knows the plant announced the closing in early 2008. By December 2008 everyone was gone.

Either Paul Ryan is so stupidly out of touch with one of the worst economic and manufacturing events in his hometown that he doesn't even know the year it happened OR he does know and is using the devastating story of Janesville in a lie to become Vice President. Take your fucking pick.

The reality is that many Wisconsin politicians tried to intervene on behalf of the people of Janeville - Ryan included. They were met with a statement from Bush Administration spokesperson Dana Perino who said it was
"a sign that Detroit continues to adapt and evolve and address the change in consumer tastes and attitudes. ... They're adapting well and they'll make these changes and hopefully be able to pull themselves up out of what has been a rough several years." 
The Bush Administration sold them out and by the time Barack Obama took office he pledged to help the displaced workers as well as the auto industry - which he did and Paul Ryan knows it.

The people of Wisconsin, especially in Paul Ryan's district, remember the events surrounding the closing of the GM plant. If Paul Ryan wants to use it as a pawn for political gain, he best be prepared for a history lesson.