Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ryan Won't Swing WI Romney's Way So It's Back To The Voter ID Baloney

Having spent something like $7 million dollars to institute a voter ID law that was found to be unconstitutional and untold thousands (probably several hundred thousands) of dollars so far litigating this badly drafted law - Wisconsin Attorney General, JB Van Hollen is back at it asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take up the case before the appellate court has even ruled on it.

Desperate? You bet.

See, Paul Ryan's choice as Vice president hasn't provided the needed bump Republicans needed to win Wisconsin. Romney wants to win Wisconsin - plus it's kind of embarrassing when your Veep candidate can't win his home state.

Van Hollen is trying to amp up the chances Republicans can win by pushing through Voter ID before November. How's that for winning hearts and minds? We can't win with our principles and appeal so let's make sure we fuck up the system enough so Democrats lose. Klassy.

The Siren has said before, we don't mind an ID law as long as ID's are free and easy to get - which at this point they are not - no matter what your teabilly neighbor says.

It is completely possible the Republican leaning Supreme Court in Wisconsin could take up the case and help Romney by disenfranchising voters this November. But hey, a win is a win is a win.