Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SE Wisconsin Deserves A Ryan/Zerban Debate

When Paul Ryan got himself a really serious opponent in the form of Rob Zerban, he went to the Wisconsin GOP controlled legislature as they were getting ready for their redistricting hijinks and had them carve out a little bit of property near Waukesha to add to his district.

In case you hadn't guessed, the little bit they added always votes Republican. Call it a back-up plan.

Now Ryan enjoys a district that votes GOP about 55% of the time...and does not include most of his hometown of Janesville who always votes against him.

Prior to being picked to run with Mitt Romney as America's Junior Miss, Ryan would have been scheduled to appear with opponent Rob Zerban in a few candidate debates. In spite of the fact that Ryan dodges constituent questions in his tightly controlled listening sessions, Ryan has always debated his Congressional opponents - even good old Doc. Thomas.

Now that is all quite up in the air because of Ryan's obligations to the Presidential ticket.

John Nichols brought up this quandary yesterday in an article for the Nation - and the Siren thinks it is a valid point.

Now that the people of the 1st Congressional District have gotten a look at Ryan in a way they have not for 14 years - should there not be an opportunity to ask him a few questions and compare them to Zerban's answers?

Since Ryan decided he wanted it all - Vice President and Congress - he needs to meet the minimum obligations of a Congressional candidate and debate Zerban before November.