Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wreck Of The Brothers Fitzgerald

Photo: New York Times
Just a year and a half ago, the New York Times featured a piece about the Irish scions of Wisconsin politics - the Fitzgerald brothers.

What a difference a few elections make

Jeff Fitzgerald, once heralded as the new Wisconsin State Assembly speaker with brother, Scott as the Wisconsin State Senate majority leader. They were golden royalty with the balls to help select their own father as head of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Jeff Fitzgerald is now out of a job, having given up his Assembly seat to run for Herb Kohl's vacated U.S. Senate position. Jeff came in fourth in the four man GOP primary - getting just a little more than half of the votes third place loser, Mark Neumann received.

Scott Fitzgerald having faced the embarrassment of a recall race triggered in spite of great odds, now finds himself ousted as Senate majority leader with balance of power swinging to Democrats.

Well, it was a good run while it lasted. Perhaps if they had proven to be less drunk with power they would not find themselves today as collateral damage to Scott Walker's reckless vision of how a state should be run.