Friday, August 24, 2012

Voter Fraud Finally Found In Racine County!

Robin Vos could have saved Mike Ottelien a nasty trip through the Caesar Chavez dumpster if he just had told him the voter fraud he was sure existed in Racine had been committed by his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Vos' wife, Samantha, who in her divorce filing swore she had been a resident of Idaho since March - voted in the August Presidential primary election in Wisconsin. It seems Mrs. Vos also cast her vote in the recall primary and general election even though she was living out of state with no intention of returning.

According to Idaho law, Mrs. Vos was eligible to register to vote after residing in Idaho for 30 in April she should have registered to cast her vote there as a new resident.

When questioned by the press about Mrs. Vos's allegedly illegal Wisconsin vote, Vos said it was "her problem" leading us to wonder why she would care to leave such a dreamboat husband?

Lastly, Mrs. Vos cast her absentee ballot through her municipal clerk out in Racine county - not in the city of Racine which was the focus of his "mockery" comments - so cheers to Racine City Clerk, Janice Martin.

We hope that a complaint is filed very soon with the GAB...the irony would be splendid, don't you think?