Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walker Heckled Again During RNC Speech

Lest you believe all went swimmingly for Scott Walker during his pre-prime time speech last night in Tampa - naturally the kids got inside and gave ol' Scooter the what-what.

Walker's speech followed the RNC's "we built this" speech formula...

WBT Formula Def: When Nikki Haley promotes the business her parents started in their living-room but forgets to mention the Small Business Administration loan they got from the government. Or when Paul Ryan waxes fondly about how hard his family worked after they came over from Ireland building an empire from government roads contracts. They built it!

Walker touted the success of G3 Industries in Wisconsin who because of their confidence in the state of Wisconsin (which is amazingly devoid from their terror over how Barack Obama is ruining the country...the terror apparently stops at the state line for all the Governors who spoke last night) is planning to hire some new people.

Who is G3 you say? Oh, they make rotating bands for the U.S. government and for the auto industry which Mitt Romney thought should be left to go bankrupt.

Scott Walker did a delicate little dance through his unemployment numbers without giving away that since his triumphant recall survival he has managed to lose another 19,000 jobs.

Hey Scott - you built that!