Friday, August 3, 2012

Worthy Reads From Wisconsin Today

Every day the Siren takes a look at what's happening around our fair state to see what issue we feel like weighing in on. Some  are obvious stories in the news and some are inspired by what fellows bloggers are also talking about.

Today, we noticed three stories that are complete within themselves - no further discussion is necessary and you should read each of them right away.

Over at Cognitive Dissidence, the great Capper has rounded up three recent stories of gun related shootings in Wisconsin that remind us that while criminals may always have guns - sometimes guns turns us into criminals just because we happen to have one handy.

Also at Cog Dis, our friend Jeff Simpson has begun to delve into the redistricting documents Senator Mark Miller just released to the public. He's already found emails never revealed to the court that seem to fly in the face of the voting rights act and the lies they told the public. Look for much more discussion to come - there is a reason they didn't want these communications released.

And the tireless Blue Cheddar has done an amazing piece on the King Veterans Home - the state's largest nursing home. It details how bleeding the budget has stretched staff to the breaking point while union representation is being simultaneously squashed. Long-time staff see the eventual privatization of this once excellent facility to be the goal.

Kudos to Wisconsin bloggers!